What makes a nanny great? This is one of the most common queries every parent willing to enrol their kids in a nanny agency has. They generally have to work for long hours in homes with almost no supervision or daily oversight. Make sure you don’t get overwhelmed with the process as there are numerous things to consider. If you want to make the process less challenging, make sure that the nanny you are choosing for your kid has all the vital qualities.

Hiring A Nanny In London? 5 Vital Qualities They Should Possess

  • Love Children

A good nanny is the one who has a genuine love for kids. Though you have to consider their experience, education and special skills, the most vital quality is her love for children. They should treat every kid like their own so that children don’t feel the absence of their parents. They should feel honoured that they are given the responsibility of taking care of a child.

  • Enthusiastic

Not only does a nanny work for long hours but also shoulder numerous responsibilities. Talk with the nanny and let them know the various tasks they have to undertake. If you notice that they are not excited about the job, it is time you start looking for a more reliable nanny. They spend a majority of their time working with children and so they should have natural enthusiasm. They should feel excited about coming to your home every day and enjoy spending time with your child.

  • Punctual

If you want your child to become punctual when they grow, visit a reputed nanny agency in London and hire a punctual nanny. You can stay assured that they will arrive on time in the morning so that you can take care of your early morning commitments. Her punctuality will also be required throughout the day as she has to drop the child at the nursery and pick him up at the right time.

  • Fun-Loving

Childhood is the time for children to have fun and a good nanny enjoys what she does and has fun. They should plan well-rounded days so that your child can have fun. They should try to find fun in everyday situations even if it means being silly. They should even have an upbeat outlook on life if you want your child to possess similar qualities.

  • Nurturing

Nurturing a child is considered to be the soul of a nanny. If they can’t connect with the child on a deeper level, they can’t build a safe and loving relationship with them. It is their responsibility to offer a stable environment to children where they can be nurtured. They should tailor their services to suit the individual needs of the child. The nanny’s style should match the temperament and personality of the kid.

These being said, it’s time you visit a reputed nanny agency and hire a nanny with all the qualities stated above.

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