Supporting Breastfeeding Mums

A highly informative Breastfeeding Course suitable for all involved with supporting breastfeeding mums, such as healthcare professionals, nannies, maternity nurses, doulas.

This course is presented by Caroline Zwierchowska-Dod, a qualified teacher and newborn & parenting specialist.

We’ll be looking at ways to support mothers on their breastfeeding journeys – talking about the ups and downs, with the added bonus of Reflux & Colic discussion.

We will explore the particular influences and pressures that new parents are exposed to within the UK cultural context, looking at issues such as informed decision making about feeding and the importance of adopting a non-judgemental approach without undermining breastfeeding. Responsive parenting for all babies regardless of feeding method will be a theme throughout.

Participants will look at ways to protect and maximise breastmilk if parents are combination or mixed feeding and to enable safer and more responsive bottle feeding. Consideration will also be given to latest studies and the potential impact this may have on current and future health.

The course is designed to encourage discussion and interaction and will include a variety of different training approaches to meet the needs of different learning styles

18th January 2020, 10.30AM – 14.30PM, Coldham Lane, Cambridge

£75 per person, including refreshments & informal lunch,
Q & A and an opportunity to mingle.
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