Schools, day-cares, nurseries and playgroups have gone under the lockdown and social distancing effect since last few weeks. Children are at their homes, and they should not go out until this pandemic state is leaving the UK. The impact of lockdown and social distancing is vast on your children; more than you can imagine. They will become depressed and frustrated because of this situation. They cannot go outside their homes, meet their friends, play outside or have any kind of outdoor activities. This will have a significant impact on their mind and body.

Nanny Agency London COVID-19

As a parent, you need to know how to make this unusual situation easy-to-bear for your little ones. You should try to make their life more active inside the house and help them to feel cheerful, attentive and energetic. There should be some creative ideas that the parents, as well as the live-in nannies, can try to help the children to cope up with this time of considerable uncertainty.

What New Ideas You Can Implement for Your Children 

  • If you have a live-in nanny for your child hired from a well-known nanny agency in London, then you can feel a little relaxed in this crisis period. These nannies are trained and experienced professionals. They know how to deal with children as per their changing moods and tantrums.
  • In case, you cannot afford that support because of the lockdown; you need to set a new routine and include some fabulous indoor activities for your children which will make them physically as well as mentally active and cheerful.
  • They cannot go to their swimming or dance classes. You can arrange such activities in your home. Include dance time, playtime, guided reading time, break time in their daily routine so that they can get to participate in different types of activities throughout the day. That will not make days monotonous for them.
  • Go for bulk cooking and store foods in advance in the refrigerators so that you can have plenty of time in your hand to spend with your children at home. In this tough time, they need you more than anyone else.
  • Try to teach new skills to your children. What can be a more suitable time than this? Use this lockdown period positively and teach new skills like singing, dancing, drawing, clay-art, etc. to your children so that they feel intriguing. This can be a great way to spend time during this quarantine period. You can ask the nanny to teach new skills to your children if they have any.
  • You can utilize smartphones and laptops to allow virtual social time to your children. Make them do video calls and online calls to their school friends, relatives and others to get in touch in this tough time. This will help them to get their social skills on the right track.

Gingham Kids is right here for all kinds of suggestions and assistance for your children in this crucial time. You can call us for tips. We will be delighted to help you during the COVID-19 lockdown

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