Toddlers often engage themselves in various exciting activities which lead to their emotional, physical and cognitive growth. All these changes in their mind and body make them more sensitive to their surroundings and lead to stress.

Childcare in Bishops Stortford

There are a few warning signs indicating that your toddler is feeling stressed. If you are not aware of them, start looking for childcare bespoke services, they have experienced child carers who know how to ease their anxiety and reduce their stress.

4 Tips to Handle Toddler Stress by Professionals Offering Childcare in Bishops Stortford

  • Keep Calm

Keeping calm is a must when handling toddler stress as it helps in acknowledging their feelings. Try to convey that you are capable of understanding how your child is feeling so that they don’t have to feel stress or fear. Use the right tone of voice, body language and words which will help in conveying this message. Keep calm and continue with the usual routine.

  • Minimise TV Exposure

Since the program your child is watching can have a direct impact on his mind, it is always advisable to keep a track on their TV exposure. Not only should you try to keep them away from shows which project violence but also limit the time you are allowing them to watch TV. You can make informed decisions by going through the online reviews and ratings of the programs you are allowing them to watch.

  • Follow A Schedule

If you want your kids to gain confidence, let them feel that they are in total control of what’s happening in their life, the easiest way to do so is by strictly maintaining a daily routine. Keep a consistent time for preschool, meals and bedtime, they will definitely feel a sense of calmness when you stick to a specific schedule.

  • Allocate Rest Breaks

Even if a toddler doesn’t want to waste his time and think what he is going to do next, it is the responsibility of the professional offering childcare in Bishops Stortford to allocate adequate time for breaks and naps. This is primarily because their activity clock is slower than adults, you can also help them cope with stress by ensuring they are getting adequate naptime, engaging in various daily activities and having healthy meals.

This being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and take the aid of childcare professionals if you want to keep your toddler stress-free.

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