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Teaching Assistant & Resource Specialist for Blind Child Schooled at Home / Cambridge

A creative, sensitive person to take on the role of teaching assistant and resource specialist for a blind child with sensory integration difficulties funded by the local authority to be schooled at home. This person will join a team of two, including mum and a full-time specialist music tutor and resource maker to support the education of 7-year old in a variety of ways. This is a full-time, multi-year role.

Duties: making tactile and braille resources, (e.g. braille tactile versions of reading schemes); planning accessible education trips (e.g. trip to the Technology Museum to touch a train); taking Ronan to therapy appointments in London on an as needed basis; supporting afterschool activities (e.g. trips to the park, swimming pool); carrying out specified educational tasks (e.g. numeracy practice); and completing any required educational admin, such as filling out forms or researching new resources). Other educational tasks may arise as RM grows and changes.

The ideal candidate will have the following qualities and skills:

  • Sensitive and understanding personality. Experience with blindness is not required, but the candidate should have strong observational skills and active patience to work with a child with a different view to the world.
  • Strong craft skills and an interest in making tactile resources under the guidance of others in the Team. This could include sewing, crafting, wood-working, and the use of new technologies, such as laser-cutters and 3d printers.
  • Strong communication skills
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • A positive view towards ability and disability in line with the family view of full participation, and total independence.
  • A willingness to learn braille alongside the child and the rest of the Team. Learning braille speeds up the adaptation process.
  • A willingness to travel to London on the train for therapy appointments when required.
  • Ability to cycle and an interest in supporting sport, e.g. guided running.

This role is best suited to someone at the beginning of their journey as an educator, who wishes to develop their skills through close work with a single child. This is a multi-year role with opportunity to take on more teaching responsibility with time. A home environment is a relatively solitary working environment and not suited to someone who socialises mainly through work. The hours of work are typically 9:00 – 17:00, but someone flexibility may be required to start and hour earlier or work an hour later.

Salary: from £21,450PA
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