This month, we’re proud to announce the launch of Gingham Care, our bespoke recruitment service for highly-skilled Special Needs Nannies/Personal Assistants. We hope that by providing this much-needed service we can ensure that children with complex needs are able to reach their full potential and experience life at its fullest, while parents and carers receive essential support and respite.
Heading up Gingham Care – alongside Gingham Kids Nanny Agency founder Dee Modric – is Jenna Frost, who has 15 years’ experience working with children with additional needs, both in the community and at Sunflowers Care in Cottenham. The latter provides nurse-led care for children, aged up to 18, with a variety of complex health needs, offering short placements for rehabilitation or long-term care.

Jenna, who lives in Cambridge, has extensive experience of working in the community with children that have brain injuries, cerebral palsy, autism and severe illnesses, amongst other conditions.

It’s a challenging and rewarding sphere of childcare to specialise in, but Jenna – a mum herself – is passionate about this field, having experienced the care system first-hand some years ago.

“I had a car accident when I had just turned 19 and I was placed in adult services,” she explains. “But I was still a child at 19; I still wanted my parents, and being a patient made me realise that as a child, someone has to be your advocate, someone has to be your voice. That’s what attracted me to this type of work; wanting to be a voice for the children and making sure their needs are met and their dignity is maintained at all times.”

Gingham Care’s Special Needs Nannies/PA’s will be given full training – and once a child has been allocated to them, they’ll receive tailor-made training to meet the very specific needs of that individual, and their family. This could include sign language (Makaton), physiotherapy, speech and occupational therapy care, behaviour management programmes, epilepsy management, tube feeding, tracheostomy care, suctioning, and oxygen administration. They’ll have a wealth of expertise to support children with a variety of needs, and a range of packages will be available, right up to round-the-clock, 24-hour care.

“Lots of families struggle for so long to get help when their child has additional needs. If they are involved in a litigation case, it can take seven to nine years before money is put in place to safeguard their child’s future,” explains Jenna. “This service could really change their lives.”

Clients who come to Gingham Care will benefit from a team of specialist recruitment consultants with extensive special needs care experience. They’ll receive a home visit to discuss their requirements, before a bespoke job advert is drafted to attract the most suitable candidates. This will be promoted via the company website, social media and other job boards, candidates will be shortlisted, then screened and interviewed, plus there’ll be enhanced DBS checking. Once the Special Needs Nanny/PA is in place, families will have full support regarding HR, employment and payroll.

There will also be ongoing training and support for the nanny and the family, overseen by a dedicated care manager.

Gingham Care was born out of a growing demand from clients – both families of children with additional needs desperate for support, and case managers and solicitors working to protect their client’s welfare – and we hope our Special Needs Nannies/PA’s will fill this gap.

“We want to make a difference to the lives of these children and their families,” enthuses Jenna. “A lot of parents struggle – I’ve seen it first hand from working in the care home and working in the community. There’s just no help out there. So parents won’t just go out to dinner or the cinema and have a normal babysitter look after their child – and they become isolated. We can help them to have a break.”

Most gratifying of all, Jenna says, will be enhancing the lives of the children, who live with incredibly challenging conditions. “Being able to make a difference to the children is the ultimate reward; being their voice and letting them experience the world and make the most of the time they have.”

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