For every parent, their worst nightmare is losing their kid in a crowded mall or a park. Maybe you, their grandparents or their nanny was with them at that time. Still, your child can be lost. Such things happen, and you have read such news in newspapers or watched them on TV. But, how to avoid such pathetic situation? How to make your child prepared if ever he or she is lost?

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The best thing you can do is teaching your child how to deal with strangers when you are not around them. You need to prepare your kids to talk to the strangers without you being monitoring them or guiding them. As per the parenting experts, there are certain things that you should teach your child about dealing with strangers to avoid such conditions.

Even the reliable nanny agencies in London also train their nannies about this thing so that they can make your children prepared to talk to a stranger.

Follow These Simple Steps

  1. Have your child asked simple questions to the strangers, e.g. teach them to ask time or direction of a particular place or ask the price of a certain item in a store. These are small things to start with, but your child will start feeling confident about talking to strangers gradually.
  2. Have your son or daughter enter a nearby store, with you nearby (but not exactly with them) to buy something. It can be candy or a pencil. Give her or him the money and let him or her purchase the item. You can stand outside the store and watch how he or she is doing.
  3. Let them ask for some small favour from a stranger in park or railway station. For example, you can let them ask a stranger sitting on a bench in the park to shift a bit so that they can also sit there. Or let them go to the help desk of the restaurant to ask an extra tissue paper while having an ice-cream treat.

Make Them Ready for the Worst

Always make your child prepared for the worst. Do not show panic or make them feel afraid of going in the crowd, but at the same time tell them that they may get lost or both of you may get separated in a crowded place. So, they should not feel panicky in such situations. Tell them whom to ask for help in such situations, e.g. police, security officials, older people, etc. Give them a small bag with their photo ID and your contact details so that they can show this thing to someone and you can be informed.

Your mental support and proper training will help them to feel confident in such a hostile situation. Don’t panic, and don’t let your child feel stressed. Even the trained nannies also know how to handle such situations.

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