Finding a reliable and professional nanny for your child is tough. Especially when your child has some special needs, then you must have someone who can understand your requirements and provide your child with the best care. You should look for the nanny agency in London that has specially trained caregivers who can provide care to the children with special needs.


You may find your position more challenging as a parent when opting for a nanny for your differently able child. These tips may help you to get the right assistance from a trusted professional.

Discuss the Special Needs of Your Child with the Nanny

While talking to the executives of the nanny agency or the nanny, never hide the challenges of your kid. Mention his or her particular needs and the pattern of disabilities. This will help you to find someone with the required skill and temperament to handle those specific needs of your kid correctly. You need to be straightforward, honest and to-the-point; without a long list of medical documentation of the condition.

Follow an Extensive Screening Method

Once you get the applications from various carers or when you get the list of the potential nannies from the nanny agency, you need to conduct a face-to-face interview to find the right candidate. Prepare the list of interview questions based on your specific needs along with the general questions to get the essential personal information about the nanny. Do not forget to check her own experience of handling children with special needs. An extensive screening method will help you to find the best nanny.

Provide Correct and Detailed Instructions

Differently able children need special care. As a parent, you have the best idea for all those needs. You should understand that the nanny will work as per your instructions. Hence, you must give proper and detailed instructions to the nanny from the very beginning so that your kid will receive the right care. Be specific about his needs, his medicines, food habits, and emotional habits. If the caregivers need to cook meals for your kid, then give her written recipes with ingredients that should be used. Mention if your child is allergic to any specific item.

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Look for Nannies with Special Training

There are nanny agencies in London that provide specialised training to the caregivers to handle children with special needs. They have proper training courses for the nannies as well as the parents. You should look for such a nanny agency in London to find someone trained, skilled and experienced. This will make your job as a parent easier than ever.

Rely on Your Instincts

Sometimes, you may meet a nanny who is just incredible as per her documents, but you do not find her god enough for your child when you meet her personally. On the other hand, there can be a candidate who may not have such an impressive career to show but look very suitable and affectionate for your kid with special needs. Trust your instinct in such matters. Go with someone you feel comfortable and relaxed.

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