With parents having to spend more and more time at work to provide bread for the family, the job of being a nanny is an increasingly in-demand one. But becoming a nanny is not exactly a cakewalk, let alone the actual task of taking care of children and helping in their growth and learning.

Nanny career tips

A 5-step Guide to Kick-start Your Journey Into This Rewarding Profession of a Nanny

Decide your specialisation

Being a nanny is an all-consuming task most of the time. However, there are still various specialisations within the profession. Your next step would be opting for the responsibility of a residential or a live-out nanny, whether you will be travelling with the family, or if your role will be more personalised. As a Special Need Nanny (SEN) provides emotional, behavioural and cognitive support to kids with special needs, or a maternal nanny, who help during post-partum is also an option.

  • Get your degree

Only experience can make a great nanny out of you. But your qualifications on paper will help immensely in securing lucrative employment opportunities. Every parent wants for their child someone who is qualified and knows what they are doing. There are many institutes in the UK offering degrees and diplomas in childcare courses that you can choose from based on your specialisation. If you are looking for a higher pay scale in future, graduating from Norland College would be ideal. Norland nannies are famous for being the carers of high-end celebrities and royalty.

  • Get Ofsted-registered

It is not compulsory to be registered to become a nanny. But parents can claim their childcare support from employers only if they hire registered ones, so you might as well get it done. You need to register on the Ofsted Voluntary Childcare Register and take the courses they provide. Paying a certain amount over and above the registration fee at Ofsted will get you DBS checked simultaneously. The registration and DBS check needs to be renewed every year.

  • Join a nanny agency

Having a degree and registration is never enough – the next step is to find a job. The best way to reach out and find leads is to sign up with a nanny agency in Hertfordshire to find the employment that fits your preference quickly.

  • Build a strong resume

Being a nanny means your work will continue to change. And for every time there is a new family to impress, you will need an active CV to make your mark. Remember to list all the relevant details, including all your childcare qualifications, registrations, training and previous employment. They will inevitably come up in the interview and background checking with the interested parents, so you might as well have them in writing.

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