Common Core Skills (7 hours)

This outstanding course will run all day and gives a fabulous grounding for those wishing to begin a career as a Nanny or for anyone already working in the industry but now wishing to become Ofsted registered.

In order to register on the Ofsted Voluntary Childcare Register, all nannies are required to complete a course that covers the Common Core Skills & Knowledge subjects.

It covers the basic skills and knowledge that everyone working with children and young people is expected to have. It sets out six key areas of expertise and the skills needed in each of them.

Child and young person development

Understanding the developmental changes children and young people go through can be key to interpreting their behaviour. This area of expertise helps us to understand what makes children and young people think and act in the way they do, and to encourage us to respond to and support their needs as they emerge.

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people

This set of skills centres on keeping children and young people safe, and knowing how to identify if they are suffering harm or neglect. They also help us to see when children and young people are not achieving their potential and help us to ensure their well-being and quality of life.

Supporting transitions

When children and young people go through change, it can have a profound effect on their behaviour and well-being. These skills help us to identify transitions, understand their likely impact and support children, young people and their families through them.

Child and young person Multi-agency and integrated working

This key area describes the skills we need to work together effectively with people from different professional backgrounds. It highlights the importance of valuing individual expertise and of understanding the tools and processes that support multi- agency and integrated working.

Knowing how and when to share information is an essential part of delivering better services for children and young people. The skills and knowledge outlined in this area include understanding and respecting the legislation and ethics surrounding confidentiality and security of information.

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DATE: 2nd February 2019
TIME: 10.00AM – 5.00PM
PRICE: £120 including certificates & refreshments
LOCATION: South Cambridgeshire CB21


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